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Ludum Dare 24 Postmortem

This postmortem was originally posted here.  It has been updated. View my game entry for Ludum Dare 24 or get the source code.

Ludum Dare 24 was a great experience and I am happy that I finished with a playable game. I’m glad that I decided to participate and look forward to doing it again.

The gist of the game is that you are a virus and you float around infecting cells to reproduce while dodging white blood cells and antigens. After you have infected enough cells you get to chose how you want your virus to evolve, which boils down to some pretty simple buffs. Meanwhile you can watch your “children” float around and infect other cells and get wiped out by the immune system. Read more

Rebuilding Corrupt Kentico Url Aliases

I recently had to work on a client’s site that had corrupt URL aliases in their Kentico database.  This was causing an issue where items were not appearing in menus or other areas where documents are selected based the on alias path.  The problem would fix itself if the documents were updated in CMSDesk, but this wasn’t a feasible solution because the site had thousands of documents. Read more

Using WordPress Authentication to Secure a Custom PHP Page

If you have a custom PHP page on your WordPress site and you want only certain users of your site to be able to view it, you can do it with a few lines of PHP. Read more

WordPress Image Upload Permissions Not Set on IIS_IUSRS

I was having a problem where WordPress uploads were not loading on my production server.  Upon examination, the files were created in the uploads directory but the permissions were not set for the IIS_IUSRS user.  This was causing a 500 Internal server error when the images were loaded in the browser. Read more

Migrating WordPress From IISExpress to IIS7

When I started learning WordPress I used the Microsoft Web Platform Installer as recommended on the WordPress website. This was nice in that it setup PHP, MySql, and WordPress for me with minimal effort. However it also installed IISExpress even though I already have IIS7 on my machine. I have built and hosted several websites on IIS before, so I am not afraid of it. After messing around with WordPress for a while I decided to move it to IIS7 since that is what I am more comfortable with and it is what I will be running in production. Read more